Nature is supposed to be simple and elegant, not complex and ugly.” –

“T h e    B  i  g      B  o  a  r  d   –  little universe   P r o j e c t” is the most simple possible encapsulation of the entire universe
whereby everything, everywhere for all time is defined by a container that is mathematically related to every other container.”  -Bruce Camber

2011 (December): Our Very First Chart of the Universe Using Base-2 Exponential Notation and the Planck Length (all  on a colorwheel)

2012 (March): Planck Length – The first progression of just the numbers

2012 (June): An Update of the First Chart but the notational numbering begins at the Planck Length

2013 (December): Universe Table – The Human Scale

2014 (December): Planck Length and Planck Time

2015 (February): Planck Base Units, 1 to 201+

2016 (May):   Big Bang – Quiet Universe Timeline (still in progress)

2016 (April):  Horizontal table of the Small Scale Universe (still in progress) Notations 1-72
Human-Scale Universe, Notations 67-134
Large-Scale Universe, Notations 133-204
Our little universe, Notations 1-204