Simple Time (in seconds)

60 seconds per minute (per definition) 3600 seconds per hour (60 times 60) 86,400 seconds per day¬† (3600 times 24 for a Solar day) 31,536,000 seconds per general year (86,400 times 365) Add 20,926 seconds (5 hours or 18000 seconds, 48 minutes or 2880 seconds and 46 seconds localizes the time to our Solar System) … More Simple Time (in seconds)


Universe Table: The Human Scale

Part of the Big Board – little universe project: This page is the Human Scale, Notations 67-134. The two side columns, one for the Small-Scale Universe, Notation 1-67, and the other for the Large-Scale Universe, Notations 134-201+, will be expanded as full pages. Index Small Scale Speculations Ideas Concepts and Parameters Boundaries and boundary conditions … More Universe Table: The Human Scale