A Quiet Expansion in light of the Big Bang Timeline

Using Wikipedia’s summary analysis, “The Chronology of the Universe” (April 18 2016) Introduction, May 2016. This article builds upon (and integrates) an earlier unfinished comparison. A projection for an initial rough draft is June 9 and for a first draft: July 4, 2016. Your early comments, while the article is in process, are welcomed. If … More A Quiet Expansion in light of the Big Bang Timeline

Universe Table: The Human Scale

Part of the Big Board – little universe project: This page is the Human Scale, Notations 67-134. The two side columns, one for the Small-Scale Universe, Notation 1-67, and the other for the Large-Scale Universe, Notations 134-201+, will be expanded as full pages. Index Small Scale Speculations Ideas Concepts and Parameters Boundaries and boundary conditions … More Universe Table: The Human Scale

Planck Length to the Observable Universe

First posted: March 4, 2012   Last update: February 26, 2015 Please note: These pages extend the very first overview of the Big Board-little universe (January 2012), as well as a working-draft for an article for the academic community that was written for Wikipedia and within Wikipedia (March 2012). At that time, the working assumption was … More Planck Length to the Observable Universe